BNP Paribas in the Channel Islands Careers

Joining the BNP Paribas Group in the Channel Islands means joining a Group that has been present on the Islands since 1979 and therefore is deeply rooted in the development of the bank’s business lines.

The BNP Paribas Group in the Channel Islands welcomes you to become part of one of the strongest banks in the world offering some of the most enriching career opportunities on the Islands.

Our Approach to your Career

BNP Paribas encourages its employees to build long term careers within the Group. This can be achieved by developing in the existing role or progressing to different roles, different departments, different businesses or different countries.

You will be in charge of your career, with your manager and our HR team always at hand to provide guidance and support.

Strengthening your Skills through Training

BNP Paribas Jersey attaches great importance to developing the skills of its employees as a tool for enhancing the performance of each member of staff.

Reflecting its constantly changing business environment, BNP Paribas offers its employees a range of customised technical, managerial and personal development training programs as well as supporting study towards professional qualifications.

Our Management Principles

BNP Paribas has defined four management principles which guide and inspire our managers worldwide: Client Focus, Risk-Aware Entrepreneurship, People Care and Lead by Example. All of our employees benefit from better management as a result.

Our Core Values

Our success is based on our strong values:  Responsiveness, Creativity, Commitment and Ambition.

These values are shared by the close to 202,000 employees of the Group. They are a reflection of our employees’ commitment to customer service.

At BNP Paribas, to be creative is to encourage and recognise new initiatives and ideas. To be ambitious is to aspire towards greater challenges and exhibit valued traits of leadership. To be responsive is to show efficiency and speed in assessing opportunities and risks, decision making and taking action; to be committed is to believe in our clients and their projects, regardless the size of the transaction.

Functional and Geographic mobility

For BNP Paribas, internal mobility is an ideal means of allocating its human resources as effectively as possible within its activities, and for offering each employee the opportunity to expand his or her professional experience and career path while developing their skills.

BNP Paribas prides itself in recruiting and developing the best people it can at all levels with approximately 202,000 employees and a presence in 72 countries, you can also have mobility, across business lines and geography with numerous career opportunities across the Group.